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Wedding Planners and Decor

Everything is almost in order, except the decorations. You want the wedding ceremony and reception to reflect who you are as a couple. You have one taste and he has another. That’s the beauty of marriage – two people blending together.

Your decorations with Lighting can do the same. Your options are endless with Shiv Mohan Band. We can provide you with candles, centrepieces, keepsakes and much more to show off what you represent together. Congratulations and happy hunting.

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Celebrate your blissful occasion with shaadi band – music and dhols. Gone are the days when weddings were about just one boring repetitive tune. The wedding band presented by Shiv Mohan Band now offers both traditional and western music played by skilled musicians and artist.

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DJ and Live Music

Be it the Sangeet night, the wedding or the reception, the music that you choose helps create and enhance the mood of the celebration. Whether you are looking for a disc jockey who will be in tune with your tastes and make sure you and your guests get your groove on or the voice that can set the right mood for your wedding events, Shiv Mohan Band has a list of artists that can serenade you with songs that will make your day all the more special. We also have a list of bands that can fill the room with beautiful tunes.

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Fireworks Display

An Indian wedding seems almost incomplete without an elaborate fireworks display!  Hiring experts to safely execute an aerial fireworks show is the right way to go if you want to light up the night sky on your special day. Shiv Mohan Band allows you to choose from a number of fireworks professionals offering wide range of fireworks based on color themes and effects that’ll fit your budget – A perfect finale for your perfect day.

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Ghoriwala, Baggi and Palki

What’s a wedding without the grandeur and extravagance of yesteryears.  Forget the cars and motorcades, arrive in style on a Ghori (well-behaved ones) or take your bride back home in style in  a flower decked or lit Baggi. A flower decked doli will not just become the talk of the town, but will definitely get your bride’s heart to flutter. A grand wedding is now about going all out with elephants and camels leading the way with jhoomer lights, Punjabi dhol, tasha, phul wali chata, shehnai, Rajasthani folk dancers and fireworks enchanting all.

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Wedding Flowers

The most gorgeous flowers can create a stunning atmosphere at your ceremony. Shiv Mohan Band is full of floral specialists that can provide you with flower arrangements and accent pieces that will take your breath away. You want your flowers to be a work of art and that’s just what you’ll get. You want both service and creativity, and these floral gurus can give you what you deserve. Don’t settle for anything less than the best.

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“You name it an we’ll arrange that for your wedding is our motto when it comes to customer satisfaction at
Shiv Mohan Band!”